If You Say it enough Then it’ll Come True

Everyone continuously ask me how I’m so confident and some even go as far as calling me a narcissist. Well I’m here to tell you that you’re right. I am a narcissist ,but not those bad ones that are so full of themselves. I just truly love how I am, flaws and all and i want you to be able to love yourselves the same way. It makes life seem more better in a sense. So here are some tips that are actually helpful in doing so.

  1. You should always show the persona of being everything you want to be. My dad always taught me that if you start saying it enough then it will come true. So thats what I did. I started telling myself and others around me that I am a confident beautiful young lady and soon enough I started to believe it myself. Thats where it all begins; with yourself. If you can’t truly believe it then how can you expect others too?  So whenever you get the chance tell yourself three things you want to be.
  2. Second you should know where you’re at in your self-esteem level. Self-esteem plays a big role in this practice. Mine was very low at one point in my life and it caused me to feel uncomfortable in everything I wore and how I felt. Everyone goes through that phase in life where they think everyone else is better then oneself. But I’m here to tell you that its not true. No one is better than you but be humble enough to know your not better than anyone else either. So if your self-esteem is very low then know it will take time to build it up. It doesn’t instantly comes to you in one day.
  3. Surround yourself with people that show you love and gives you compliments. Even if you don’t get complements from the people around you; its better than being around people that do nothing but say negative things towards you. Obviously that won’t do anything but encourage you to have low self-esteem rather than build it up.

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